Healing Arts Institute Programs

Find Healing Arts Institute Programs in the United States and Canada. Depending on the healing arts institute in which you choose to enroll, there are multiple programs of study in which one can participate. A healing arts institute may provide training in massage therapy, while another may involve Oriental medicine training. A healing arts institute may also encompass energy medicine, hypnotherapy, herbal medicine, and other holistic healthcare modalities.

For example, a holistic healing arts institute often offers massage therapy and holistic health practitioner programs. Because each state varies in requirements and regulations, a healing arts institute program in massage therapy may range from 300 to over 1,000 training hours. If a student chooses a healing arts institute program in energy medicine, such as reiki, courses are often broken up into several levels of mastery; with each completion resulting in its respective level of certification. Another common educational program offered through a healing arts institute may include hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy courses, like most healing arts, vary in course duration and level of certification.

At a healing arts institute, students can also explore Chinese medicine and Eastern bodywork modalities, such as acupressure and shiatsu. Most of these academic programs result in certificates and/or diplomas; as do most massage therapy curriculums. A healing arts institute, too, often provides students with unique perspectives in natural healthcare, including studies in homeopathy, naturopathy, and herbal medicine remedies.

Students who opt to enroll in a healing arts institute should carefully examine the school’s accreditation, curriculum, prerequisites, and of course, tuition costs. Another area to review is whether or not the particular healing arts institute participates in financial aid assistance programs. While a number of these natural health schools do extend financial aid programs, some offer in-house financing. Additionally, a healing arts institute may participate in scholarship programs based on student need and academic achievement.

If you aspire to become a licensed massage therapist, a certified holistic health practitioner, a certified hypnotherapist, Chinese herbal medicine practitioner, or even a naturopathic doctor – a healing arts institute will allow you to realize your professional dreams through course-intensive studies and hands-on training.

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Healing Arts Institute Programs
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